Menu Selling Masterclass



The easiest way to increase your dealership’s revenue
If you’re like most dealers, you’ve sat in your office, looked at the numbers and asked yourself: “Where else can I possibly find more margin and revenue?”

You’ve optimized your front end sales team, they’re running well and their numbers are fairly consistent month in and month out. However, your back end team seems to vary quite a bit on the success. Sometimes there’s a sale, but most of the time, there’s not.

What can be done to increase the output of your back end sales team to maximize the revenue on each car sale?

Join Ken Ekdal, Sale Director from Dealercorp, and Renold Liu, Head of Marketing from Leaderboard and learn how ‘Menu Selling’ can be the hidden gem that increases your revenue and your bottom line.

You’ll learn:

  • How menu selling can easily increase your margin per
  • Step by step instructions on exactly how to menu sell in
    your dealership
  • Methods to keep a trained eye on your back end
  • Indicators of when to course correct to ensure you’re
    maximizing your margins.
  • Learn about new tools and techniques to set you on the right path



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