The High Cost of Privacy

How Dealers Can Win in a Trackerless World

The High Cost of Privacy

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Strategies and tactics that allow your dealership to weather the storm and come out on top in a trackerless environment

Learn piece by piece:

  • What and why 3rd party tracking is being disabled
  • What will be impacted and - more importantly what will NOT be impacted
    -- and most importantly --
  • What new strategies dealers should use to mitigate and come out ahead of this new trackerless world.



Want more leads in this Trackerless advertising world? You've come to the right place.

You might have seen the commercials. Shoppers are opting to not let advertisers digitally track their online movements anymore. 

The public’s outcry for digital privacy has forced the hands of technology companies to create features that limit the ability of big advertising companies like Google and Facebook to track shoppers online. 

While this is a major win for privacy advocates, these new features now are wreaking havoc on the dealer’s ability to digitally attract shoppers to their websites and inventory. 

In fact, some early reports have shown that 94% of shoppers have opted out of allowing apps from tracking them on iOS devices.

Many of the existing strategies that Dealers use to advertise and attract shoppers will be negatively impacted and Dealers will need to adapt their advertising strategies to cope with these changes.